Mechanic Mathison


Madilynn Mathison (11) works on a car in her garage. Mathison worked with her dad to try to fix the car.

Faith Huenecke, Author

For the most part, working on cars seems like a more masculine activity, but Madilynn Mathison (11) has showed her interest in the activity by taking one of the auto classes at the school.

“Last year, I took auto because I’ve been working on cars with my dad and hung out in his friend’s garage with him since I was little. I grew up working on and being around cars, but there was only so much my dad could show me, so I really wanted to know how to do basic stuff so I wouldn’t be screwed over taking my car into shop,” Mathison said.

Although there was some down time for the students, Mathison was able to watch and gain an understanding of skills that she may not have known beforehand.

“My favorite thing about the class was going in the shop and doing work. When you weren’t changing brakes or oil [by] yourself, you got to sit back and watch. It was a really chill class where you learn a lot,” Mathison said.

Even though she knew many of the skills, Mathison was able to become comfortable in the class due to the teacher making sure the students understand what everything is.

“Even if you don’t know anything about cars, Mr. Brannock (Career Technology Education) teaches you what you need to know and you get a better understanding of what you’re driving,” Mathison said.

[Mr. Brannock’s] teaching style benefits the students, so they can feel knowledgeable which allows them to connect with him.

“[Mr.] Brannock is definitely my favorite teacher. He has such a [great] connection with his students and has their respect, so they listen to him,” Mathison said.