Principal of the Year

Lauren Wadas and lakecentralnews

Head Principal Robert McDermott has been named the Indiana Association of School Principals District 1 High School Principal of the year.

“[The award] was from the Indiana Association of School Principals. It was a nomination from one of your peers, but it is not revealed who it is. Ten to twelve people get nominated,” McDermott said.

Nominations from district one came from all over the region of Indiana including Lake, Porter, Newton and Jasper County. Nominees were given information after they were nominated.

“Each person got a packet of info to fill out. They look at schools data and what kind of impact you have on your peers,” McDermott said.

Though winning the Principal of the Year is a great title, McDermott personally did not receive any award for himself.

“You don’t win anything. If there is a prize, there might be something for the school,” McDermott said.

Even though no physical prizes are given out, the title is very prestigious.

“I’m honored to win because anytime you win it is an award for your school. It tells you your school is doing a good job,” McDermott said.