Senior historians making history


Theodore Mantis (10) and admire a few war books. The books were brought in for everyone to look at and learn about past wars.

Morgyn McAllister, Author

The History Club had a meeting discussing events affecting some of their members. Some of their seniors are eligible for an award and chord for graduation. They also had a name game that consisted of a member reciting their name and then finding out where it originates. The meeting was run by some of their club officers, which was recently upgraded from four members to eight.

“We have elected our two new officers for next year. We have eight officers total. They are separated into categories, but the lines kinda blur. The officers from last year wanted us to be more together and help more. Originally there was just four of us. That’s why there’s eight of us now, since the four wasn’t working,” Alexis Nikolovski (11) said.

Old and new officers gathered together to talk about upcoming events. They planned to visit museums and also have hosted events for veterans. Currently they are planning for a field trip.

“On May 26, we are going down to Dayton, Ohio. On the way we are stopping in Indianapolis to see some monuments. We are going to go down to the air force museum in Dayton and we are spending two days there,” Caitlin Mavity (11) said.

Aside from their field trip, they also discussed a newer aspect of their club. Members who are seniors and have been in the club for at least two years can apply for a special chord for graduation.

“[Giving seniors a historian cord for graduation] is kinda a new thing to our club. We are expanding and can really be a big part of Lake Central is what that means to me. We want people to see them and realize that we are a big part of the school that matters,” Theodore Mantis (10) said.