Looking Forward to Great Season

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

As the Girls Tennis season approaches, returning player Brittany Warzyniak (12) has her hopes set high.

“I hope the season goes well. Munster and Highland are going to be our biggest struggles, but I hope we can keep up with them,” Warzyniak said.

On a personal level, Warzyniak hopes she can letter, win her matches and keep her heart condition, Pulmonary Stenosis, under control for her senior year.

“In some aspects, [Pulmonary Stenosis] has held me back because I can’t go as hard as everyone else, and it takes me longer to recuperate,” Warzyniak said.

After losing many of last year’s strong players, Warzyniak wants to save the underclassmen from experiencing the same feeling next year.

“I want to get the girls ready for when the seniors leave after this season,” Warzyniak said.

With this outlook, the team is ready for a successful season.