A Choir of Confidence


Alissa Ludwig and lakecentralnews

On March 13, the Choir Concert included a variety of voices from the Treblaires to a Barbershop Quartlet. Because it was a shorter, smaller, concert, the performers felt calm and collected throughout the performance.

“We definitely prepared because we’ve been working on these songs since we went to ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) in January,” Caroline Janiga (10) said.

Much preparation allowed the performers to lessen the anxiety that usually affects performers before a public recital.

“It wasn’t really nerve-wracking because we’ve had these songs for so long,” Haley Bartolomei (12) said.

Relaxation and preparation proves, yet again, to be the key ingredients to a successful performance.

“There were a few slip-ups, but over all, I felt we did pretty well,” Bartolomei said.