Calling All Chemists


Joseph Kane (11) puts the chemical copper into the flame. Kane was in the ACP 2 Chemistry class.

Courtney Rhomberg, Author

On May 10, the Chemistry Club held a callout meeting. Due to their late start, the clubs next meeting will be held next year. For the callout meeting, founding members performed a flame lab to show what the club will involve.

“[I started the club] because I love chemistry and I thought it would be fun. I was hoping that we’d mainly hang out and do labs and help people with science if they needed it,” Bryce Hatfield (11) said.

Other founding members like Joseph Kane (11) have special positions in the club.

“I’m the expendable one, the mad scientist. The one who recommends all of the explosive experiments like rocket fuel. We want to do mostly labs and make it a fun way to introduce science. We will have a lot of labs, fun work to do, have tutors and hopefully some good explosions,” Kane said.

Since the teacher sponsor of the club, Mr. David Harnish, Science, also teaches at Indiana University Northwest, he is making an effort to get members of the chemistry club into the laboratories.

“One of the ideas we had was to take the kids down to IU Northwest since I work in the chemistry department there and maybe have them see some of the instruments they have and possibly have the professors do a demonstration,” Mr. Harnish said.