So Senior


The varsity girls tennis team won at their last home match of the season. Claire Gronek (11) hugged Sky Martens (12) after her and her doubles’ partner, Anna Wachowski (12), clinched the win against Valparaiso.

Camille Bereolos, Author

The varsity girls tennis team played their last home match on May 11. For most of the team, it was their last time playing on their home court.

“I am sad that I am leaving this place and these technically aren’t my home courts anymore. I am going to be an outsider, and I will be just a fan,” Kaitlin George (12) said.

Most of the seniors were bittersweet about it being their last home match, but that just motivated them even more to beat one of their conference opponents, Valparaiso.

“I really wanted to take advantage of it because it is my last one, and I didn’t want to start thinking negatively or getting down on myself because this is it. I have to leave it out all on the court. I just really wanted the win,” Anna Wachowski (12) said.

Even though the girls beat Valparaiso, it was still an upsetting day because they knew it was their last home match.  

“[Tennis has] been amazing. I’m going to miss it so much. I love my teammates, the coaches and I just have the best memories. I don’t think school would have been the same without tennis,” Lauren Gronek (12) said.

For most of the seniors, this was one of their last times ever playing tennis for a school, except for one, Kristina Tinsley (12).

“I am committed to play at IUPUI next year. I am looking forward to play at the next level, and all the girls on the team will be awesome and to play really tough competition. I am looking forward to become a better player,” Tinsley said.