Looking Forward


Jarret Lopez (12) gets ready to bat. He has been playing on the team all four years.

Jennifer Chavarria

On May 9, the varsity boys baseball team defeated the LaPorte Slicers with a final score of 3-2. Aside from the win, some boys still have room for improvement.

“I think the season is going decent, but it could be going better,” Joseph Graziano (12) said.

Graziano pitched for Lake Central for the entire game.

“I think I did really good. I was pitching well, commanding my pitches and moving the ball around well,” Graziano said.

As the school year comes to a close, the players are taking what they have learned from their time at Lake Central and applying it to their future.

“I learned specifically how important every pitch is and how you have to be focused at all times. This team has showed me that. I hope to carry that on into everything I do in life,” Graziano said.