The Bedlam Begins

Alex Nottingham and lakecentralnews

The month is March. Spring begins, and we lose an hour of sleep. However, one word comes to the mind of sports fans when March rolls around. That is madness.

“The insanity of [March Madness] is so much more intense than NBA games,” Michael Yadron (12) said.

March Madness, a month of mayhem in the College Basketball world, is a time for many to fill out brackets choosing who they think will win the NCAA Championship.

“I picked Kentucky to win it all,” Jonathon Kirby (11) said.

This year, Kentucky, the highest ranked team overall, has been the most popular choice for the champion, but the occasional underdog often finds itself deep in the tournament.

“I don’t mind [underdogs]. I don’t usually like the top teams anyway. I like the underdog,” Yadron, who picked the University of North Carolina to win it all, said.

However the tournament ends, the champion will be remembered for years to come, and fans’ wonderful memories will last forever.