Q&A: Zach Krotzer (10)


Zach Krotzer (10), Cherylynn Gholson (10) and Richie Wisz (10) are laughing and talking before Krotzer leaves for Texas. Later they all went to homecoming together and went to Round the Clock.

Cherylynn Gholson

Q: Where are you moving?

A: I am moving to San Antonio, Texas.


Q: When are you moving?

A: I am moving after summer is over before my new school year starts.


Q: What are you doing over the summer?

A: I am spending my time in Michigan with my grandparents and my brother.


Q: Why are you moving?

A: My mom got a new job, so we got moved to Texas.


Q: How does it feel to move to a new high school?

A: I really am nervous to start at a new school. I’ve known everyone at Lake Central since middle school and now no one will know me.


Q: What is something you won’t miss about Indiana?

A: I definitely won’t miss the constant change of weather.


Q: What will you miss the most about living here?

A: I will miss my best friend Richie and my girlfriend. They really are my two best friends, so being taken across the country is going to be really hard for me.


Q: What are you excited the most about moving?

A: I am excited most about the weather and it being perfect for sports.