Starting a Senior Season and Ending a High School Career

Vanessa Olson and lakecentralnews

Whether starting a sport from the moment you could walk or from the moment you got into high school, knowing your last season is approaching can be highly emotional.

The Senior Boys Golf team has its last season coming up this spring.

“I started when I was four. My dad got me to hit golf balls in my backyard and at a little golf course by our lake house,” Thomas Cameron (12) said.

For some boys, playing on varsity since freshman year was achievable.

“I’ve been playing varsity since freshman year, but I did not participate during my sophomore year because I had shoulder surgery. I dislocated it four times in hockey,” Cameron said.

Many of the boys are hoping to go far this year, either individually or as a whole team.

“I’m hopeful about going to State this year. I think I could make it individually,” Cameron said.

The Boys Golf team has expectations that it thinks will be met.

“I think we’re going to be pretty solid this year. There are a lot of good kids; we’ll be putting up some good scores. We should be a team to watch out for,” Cameron said.

Ending their senior year with golf will be sad for most.

“I’ll be sad after this season is over, but I plan on playing golf in college,” Cameron said.