A Diamond in the Rough


Lexi Castaneda and lakecentralnews

With winter coming to an end, spring brings the Girls Tennis team back together once again, but this season, the outcome of tryouts has differed from the previous years with an excessive amount of girls.

“[I think a lot of girls tried out this year] because younger kids are going out for the team. It’s about 50 percent juniors and seniors, and 50 percent freshmen and sophomores,” Coach Brian Szalonek, Social Studies, said.

Although the Girls appreciated that there were no cuts involved, some think they would have made it through anyway.

“I had a feeling I would have made it because I have been playing since I was four and have experience,” Kathryn Walsh (9) said.

During the preseason, the Girls conditioned similarly for an overall, concerted effect.

“I took a private lesson, and I went to conditioning every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30,” Hailey Mueller (9) said.

Regardless of the differences among the team in the season, Szalonek predicts the Girls will prove themselves.

“Tennis is an individual sport, so you can play and get better. Maybe we will find a diamond in the rough, considering if we cut girls, they would not have a chance to show themselves or improve,” Szalonek said.