Reasons to Tour College Campuses


Nicole Reitz

For most high school students in the grade 11-12 begin to prepare for college. When looking into colleges, touring campuses is a good first step in the application process.

An important key in choosing a college is becoming comfortable with a campus, which is something that will feel like home to a college student for the next four years. A brochure or magazine will only show you so much, so taking the time to visit somewhere that interests you will give you the first hand look of what college is really like.

A tour at your preferred college will give you the opportunity to meet classmates, professors and get information on your intended major. College visits are also a good time to get scholarship and financial information.

Something to keep in mind when visiting colleges is the choice is completely up to you. Listen to your gut. If the college doesn’t feel right you, keep looking at other schools until you fall in love. Spending a decent amount of time on campus will allow you to determine if the place is right for you.