Calling all performers


Emma Peterson (11) looks through her papers deciding what role she wants to play in the production.

Amariah Burgess, Author

On Monday, Aug. 21 there was a theater meeting held in the auditorium. Students and parents fill the auditorium seats to learn how they can be apart of a LC’s new production, “Ash Girl.” Returning sophomores, juniors and seniors take front row seats. Senior Theodore Karras will be leaving LC this year, and these will be his last performances.

“I have done about 15 productions in LC and outside of LC theater. I have always been interested in theater. Since the time I was in elementary school I was like, ‘yep I wanna be on stage.’ I have been doing theatre for seven years [since sixth grade],” Theodore Karras (12) said.

Not only did the returning actors come for another chance to be apart of the cast or crew, new freshmen filled the seats for a chance to steal the spotlight.

“I love playing other parts and getting to be somebody else. It’s an amazing experience getting to be somebody else having somebody else’s perspective,” Aaliyah Walker (9) said.

Freshmen came out for a chance to be a part of this production and they have some big shoes to fill with all of the strong performers who graduated last year. Luckily, the upperclassmen are there to mentor them.

“We do have a strong junior class as well. We’ve lost a lot of talent in our senior class from last year I don’t think that we are worried. There are a lot of leaders in the junior class so I think that they will step up and be strong leaders for our freshman class” Ms. Nicole Raber, Guidance said.