Ending on a High Note


Frances Pollaro and lakecentralnews

The Varsity and JV Centralettes have done it again- they have won their 18th consecutive State Championship. The Centralettes earned first place in all of the categories in which they competed. JV scored an 85.40 in Hip-Hop and an 87.12 in Jazz. Varsity received a 93.58 in Hip-Hop and a 95.54 in Jazz, beating the second-place Jazz team by eleven points and having the highest score in the whole competition.

“I feel really proud and accomplished. All my team’s hard work paid off, and we kept the tradition going,” Nicole Griffin (12) said.

The Centralettes had nine weeks of competition to prepare for one of the biggest competitions of the year. Both JV and varsity practice every day after school from May to March for two or more hours.

“We [varsity members] really started focusing towards the end of the year. [We reached our goal of winning State] with a lot of hard work,” Madeleine Himestra (12) said.

The Centralettes, once again, followed the tradition of winning State and ended their season on a high note.