In the process of making history


All the seats in the room fill up as the meeting starts. More people entered the room throughout the meeting.

Frida Arellano

On Friday, Aug. 27, History Club held their first meeting of the year in Room C313 to talk to the sponsor, Mr. Thomas Clark, social studies, and the officers to discuss upcoming events such as the Veteran’s Day assembly.

 “I’m an officer of History Club, and I have been in this club all four years of high school.  One of the main things that we do is the Veterans Day assembly, and last year I was in charge of the decorations committee. This year I am going to be in charge of that again and pretty much I’ll just organize the different decorations that we are going to do and I’ll have meetings separate for that,” Rachel Eder (12) said.

During the meeting, the officers talked about raising $44,000 out of the $50,000 needed to open up a museum and hope to have enough in the next year or two.

“I have been in History Club since sophomore year. I joined because I’m friends with one of the officers and I knew Mr. Clark and all of the great things that he was doing and I wanted to check it out, ” Sneha Shathish (12) said.

History Club meets every Friday in the L.G.I. room, next week they will be playing Oregon Trail.