Pitcher Perfect


From 2011 Season

Meg Falat and lakecentralnews

Fifteen batters. Five innings. Fifteen strikeouts. One perfect game. James McNamara (12) pitched for the Indians on Monday, Apr. 2, at Lowell High School. This was McNamara’s first perfect game, and, hopefully, it will not be his last.

“I was surprised. I didn’t realize [I pitched a perfect game] until right before the last inning,” McNamara said.
The feelings McNamara had were unexplainable.
“It’s really pretty crazy to be able to throw that well,” McNamara said.
Everyone was proud of McNamara’s performance.
“My mom gave me a kiss; she’s sweet. My dad gave me a nice hug. [Coach Jeff] Sandor told me I did a great job, and he gave me a hug, too,” McNamara said.
McNamara has high expectations for the rest of his senior baseball season.
“I wanna win state. I wanna win it real bad. I think we can do it; I really do. The team is awesome,” McNamara said.