Tribe of pride


The LC Fan Section supports the Tribe as they play against Portage High School. The theme was Hawaiian.

Kristen Mirabelli, Author

Lake Central’s fan section is acclaimed by some students to be one of the best fan sections in the Region.

“I witness the student section from a different perspective than other students. I am the student manager for the football team. Anytime the team is discouraged, I tell them to look at that student section and make them proud. They instantly remember why they play the game and how they need to do their best to show the fans some love back, “ Madalyn Kruszewski (12) said.

The fans show support the Tribe whether it is attending home or away games, following the theme or hyping up the student section. The student section is filled with students who show school pride.

“There is so much excitement and that night is our night to show school spirit and come together as a whole. We all stand together for one thing which, is for our team to come on top. Even when we are losing our student section, still chants “I believe that we will win,” Karly McKinney (12) said.

Students still continue to follow the Tribe no matter how where the game is. Students gather as many friends as they can and head to schools like Lowell High School, Portage High School and Crown Point.

“Our student section still attends away games. We support the Tribe no matter where they go. I see not a lot visitors at our home games. The Indian is dedicated to hyping up the student section and lifting everyone one’s spirit,” Mckinney said.

The  student section stands as a foundation of school pride and it will continue to stay that way for many more year to come.