Students Take Advantage of April Fool’s Day

Bridget Protsman and Carrie Wadycki

Matthew Shute (12) and Alexi Lewis (12) took advantage of April Fool’s Day to make up for a previously unsuccessful prank.

“We had to do some big, elaborate thing. Since [Shute] has a girlfriend that we love to [mess] around with, we decided to pull a prank on her,” Alexi Lewis (12) said.

Shute was out for redemption for a failed trick earlier in the year when he came up with the idea of pulling a prank on his girlfriend, Caroline Janiga (10).

“It all started last summer before I started going out with [Janiga]. I wanted to pull a prank on her,” Shute said.

The prank fell through when Janiga found out his plan. April Fool’s Day gave him a second chance. With help from the theatre company, Shute convinced Janiga that he would be moving to Massachusetts.

“It actually worked out because the company his dad works for just got bought out by a bigger company. It makes sense that we would be moving,” Lewis said.

Shute got his to coordinate the trick for a maximum effect.

“I told people to start by making statuses on Facebook saying the generic ‘I’ll miss you’, then text her when I gave them a signal,” Shute said.

On his signal, Shute’s friends texted Janiga apologies and comforting reassurances.

With all of the texts send out and Lewis on mute, Shute called Janiga to break the news of his move to her.

“I called her, and we talked. She thought I was reminiscing on old times when I said, ‘Remember last summer when I wanted to pull a prank on you? Well, consider this my revenge’, ” Shute said.

Upset about the joke, Janiga hung up the phone.

“It was wonderful. Thankfully, she was fine after a few minutes,” Shute said.