Munster, No Problem.


Amanda Bulf and Carrie Wadycki

This Saturday was the Boys’ first outdoor track meet against Munster. Munster has always been a serious competitor for the Boys Track team until this year.

“They only have one or two good teammates,” Kelly Kline (11) said.

Kline runs the 800-meter and the 4×4. He placed third in both races.

“I had to push myself to keep up with one of the good runners in the 800-meter,” Kline said.

The team seems to gain its confidence mainly from its coach and from the audience.

“Some parents came and cheered. Coach tells us to go out and do our best,” Dean Kokot (11) said.

The Boys ended up pulling through with an easy win against Munster but still must challenge other teams, ones that may even pose greater obstacles.

“Portage and Crown Point are two of our big competitors this year,” Kokot said.

With the outdoor season still ahead of the Boys, the track will continue to be heated up with competition.