Q&A: Mrs. Beverly Bovard, World Language


Ms. Beverly Bovard, World Language, explains how to purchase French Club shirts. The first French Club meeting of this year was held on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Yousef Nammari, Social Media Editor

Q: What do you plan this year with the club?

A: We’re going to start out with an introductory meeting and hopefully get acquainted in time. We’ll also have a Mardi Gras celebration, that will be later in the year. We’ll also do Crepe making, probably in January before Mardi Gras.


Q: Who are the officers?

A:  Theo Mantis (11) is president and Lia Rynberk (11) [is vice president].


Q: When do you meet? Where?

A:  We meet the last Tuesday of the month here in C107.


Q:  What do you usually do routinely?

A:  We have people sign in, so we have attendance of who’s here. Then we proceed with whatever the theme of the meeting is. There would be one officer in charge of the meeting.


Q: What makes this year’s French Club important?

A:  It gives the students a chance to get in touch with some cultural aspects of France and of the country and people that they might not have a chance to learn about in class.


Q: Why should people join?

A:  To give the students something more than an academic approach to French.


Q: When did French Club start? How did it start?

A:  I started running French Club last year, but it’s been functioning for many years. [Mrs. Nancy] Tilka, [World Language], had French Club for many years before I had it.


Q: What is required from members of French Club?

A:  Each member pays $3 to join. If you want to be considered an official member, you need at least 75% attendance at the meetings.


Q:  What grades can join?

A:  All grades can join, as long as they are in a French class.