Checking in on history club


Veterans donated $2,000 to the Veterans Museum. Mr. Clark and History Club have been working on the museum for numerous years.

Ayah Eid, Author

On Friday, Sept. 15, History Club gathered in the LGI. Officers started off the meeting by discussing the Veterans Day ceremony and having members sign up for different committees.

“We have different committees for different aspects of the Veteran’s Day program. There are multiple different committees for before, during and after the ceremony,” Caitlin Mavity (12) said.

During the meeting, members were surprised by a visit from veterans who gave Mr. Thomas Clark, Social Studies, the last $2,000 of $50,000 needed to create a museum.

“It’s been years since they’ve tried to raise funds to build the building, and as of today, they finally got money that was donated to them by veterans,” Lindsey Buchler (12) said.

Throughout the years, the funds were raised through community donations during fundraisers, one being the Veteran Walk/Run.

“They’ve done a lot of fundraisers over the years. We’ve had 5k walk runs and there have been a lot of individual people that have been donating,” Buchler said.

The Museum will be in the Tri-Town Safety Village in Schererville and will display local history.

“The museum will focus on the different time periods up to current day. The focus is to show the community how important history [is] and how relevant it still is,” Mavity said.

Mr. Clark will play a key role in the establishment of this new museum.

“It will display history from our area and Mr. Clark will be contributing some of his artifacts. He will also be the curator,” Mavity said.