The First Signs of Prom Preparation


Holly Pearson and Carrie Wadycki

The whole Prom process involves many decisions and steps. The first step to Prom is purchasing the tickets.  Junior Class Cabinet is selling the tickets for the May 5 dance.

“We have to think about a lot of things when determining the price of a ticket,” Jillian Ryan (11), President of Junior Class Cabinet, said.

A single ticket costs $40, while a couples’ ticket costs $75.

“We are having a photo booth, fresh food and extra security. Some of the nicer features we want to have can make the ticket a little pricier,” Ryan said.

The tickets were sold on Monday and Tuesday for seniors, Wednesday for juniors, and on Thursday the sales will be open to both grades.

“We have four tables so the line goes faster. It keeps things more organized,” Ryan said.

Students have been lining up after school to purchase the tickets for the Garden of Enchantment-themed dance.