Planning ahead


Students pay attention during the meeting. The meeting was led by club sponsor Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English.

Lauren Wisniewski, Author

Homecoming has just ended, and for most students, it is time for students to reflect on the fun. For N-Teens members, it is already time to look ahead to the winter formal dance.

“It’s a really big dance in our school and a lot of upperclassmen go. It should be a really meaningful event. I’m looking forward to [planning] it, but also very nervous. I’m most excited about executing it and making it perfect for the night of,” Jessica Villegas (12) said.

N-Teens is in charge of planning and setting up the winter formal dance in January. The winter formal committee met on Sept. 26 in the LGI to begin discussing themes, decorations and favors led by winter formal committee chair Jaskiran Kaur (12).

“[When] planning any big event, you should start beforehand. It comes sooner than you expect it to, so when you start early, you can plan more and prepare for anything wrong that can happen,” Kaur said.

The N-Teens members also received order forms for club T-Shirts. Due to scheduling issues, the date for the upcoming N-Teens meeting is unknown. Be sure to pay attention to the daily announcements for any updates. Member dues are due by Sept. 30.