A Committed Teacher with a Caring Heart


Mr. Joe Bafia, Social Studies, is an Economics and Government teacher. He has been at LC for two and a half years but teaching for six.

“I enjoy the subjects I teach; I like the high school atmosphere. You can actually develop a relationship with your students and have a real conversation,” Mr. Bafia said.

Mr. Bafia would enjoy teaching World History if given the chance.

“World history is the only subject [in which] you can talk about everything going on in the world. The subject matter is always changing every class period, and there is always something new to talk about,” Bafia said.

For Mr. Bafia, using certain teaching techniques, in addition to learning things from his students, is the key to having a good class.

“I’ve had a few students who went through troubling times. Trying to help them makes me more compassionate and understanding. Humor makes the class more enjoyable, which makes the kids pay attention more,” Mr. Bafia said.

Teaching was not always so easy for Mr. Bafia, though; his first day of teaching got a little crazy.

“[On my first day of teaching,] a fight broke out. The kid jumped over a row of desks and tackled someone else during my lecture,” Mr. Bafia said.

When he is not at school, Mr. Bafia enjoys spending time with his daughter and making crafts.

“I like to star gaze with my daughter. I also make small decorations, such as bird houses and furniture out of wood,” Bafia said.