LC Performs Benefit Improv Show for Madison Meyer

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

Most children learn how to walk at an early age; unfortunately, the children diagnosed with Ataxia-Telangiectasia do not have the same luxury.

“When you look at Madi, you can’t even tell that anything’s wrong. She seems like a normal kid,” Alexander Carnahan (12) said.

This year marks the second annual benefit improv show for Madison Meyer.

“Last year, Lisa Zandy came in to talk to our Drama II class about Madi,” William Barry (12) said. “Her story was very touching, and everyone got very emotional.  We decided to host a benefit improv show in which all of the money we raise goes to Madi.”

Last year, the theater company made flyers and talked up the show. This year, they have not only had flyers but ribbons and an LCTV advertisement.

“Last year, we raised $1200,” Barry said. “With ribbon sales, a bake sale and the show itself we raised $1400 for her.”