Trick or treat


Members of Best Buddies prepare chips, cookies and drinks. The buddies and their peers came up to the table after and got to pick out what food they wanted.

Hailey Strug

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, Best Buddies held a Halloween party in the LGI room. Bags were passed to the buddies that had a paper inside that told them who their buddy would be for the school year. As they found their buddies, it was time to take the bags go trick or treating. Students then went into the hallway with bowls of candy to pass to the buddies.

“The buddies got paired with their peer buddies, so throughout the school year they are going to do all the activities with their buddies, and they are going to be responsible to see them outside of school,” Elly Gross (12) said.

After the buddies trick or treated, they went back to sit down and see what kind of candy they got. They also got to know their new buddy for the year. While getting to talk with their new buddies they got to get up and get some more sweets like chips and drinks. During this party they played Halloween music to bring in a spooky mood.

“My idea [for the club] is to get as many friendships going as possible. The point of the club is to foster friendships between special needs kids and general ed kids. Giving as much normal see to people on both sides is kind of what we are going for,” Mrs. Katherine Clark ,English, said.

The Best Buddies club brings in smiles and laughter to all the buddies and peers. They hope the buddies make friendships that can last a lifetime. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 7.