Food for thought


Jed Burgos

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, Interact Club held a meeting after school to discuss upcoming plans. They talked about the preparation and launch of the food drive.

“The food drive starts tomorrow and it’s gonna go to Dec. 22. The second place winner wins a pizza party for their PTE and the first place winner for each grade gets a doughnut party,” Alexis Nikolovski (12) said.

After discussing the annual food drive, members played a Halloween edition of the game ‘Sparkle’ and completed the paper star display on Lake Central’s veteran wall. Working together for their community has fostered many friendships throughout the years.

“I feel like we have a family kind of feel to this club. I know all our members have a fun time helping and we do fun things like this in our spare time. I feel like it’s a great way to come together and help our community,” Nikolovski said.

Interact Club is a community service based club that has existed for over 25 years. Mr. Thomas Clark, Social Studies, has sponsored the club since its beginning.

“I’m the sponsor of the club, but it’s what [the members do] if the food drive is successful it’s because of them. They have done lots of incredible things by helping people in the past,” Mr. Clark said.

There are currently over 100 members in Interact Club, and its membership grows every year.

“The group is only as good as the members. And the more members and more enthusiasm we have, the better the club is. If we don’t have the enthusiasm and the members that are dedicated to doing this, then the club is nothing.” Mr. Clark said.