Checking in with History Club


Officers explain what is going to be happening the day of the ceremony. This will be the third year of the ceremony.

Mikaila Zvyak, Author

With the Veteran’s Day Ceremony quickly approaching, History Club has been hard at work.

“First we started by getting committees together so they can help us the day of the ceremony,” Alexis Nikolovski (12) said.

Many months of planning have gone into the ceremony. Many students and faculty have donated their time in order to help with the ceremony.

“We just appreciate all the help we have had this year. Mr. Volk and Mr.Rainwater has been helping us out a lot and we have about 20-30 students helping out,” Nikolovski said.

Something new this year is that there will be bagpipes and the color guard will be leading in the veterans.

“The first thing we are going to have this year is bagpipes. They are actually going to lead in the veterans with the color guard,” Nikolovski said.

To keep with tradition of the ceremony, the choir will be singing and we will be honoring our fallen and missing service men and women.

“The ceremony is going to be about the same as last year we are going to have our POW and MIA table again and the choir is going to be performing ‘God Bless America’,” Nikolovski said.

The schools support and attentiveness has also helped in making this veteran’s day ceremony possible.

“I know it takes a lot of work to do the ceremony so we are glad that the school is so supportive in everything. It went really well last year so we are hoping it can be just as good or even better,” Nikolovski said.