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Cubs or Sox?

An Ivy-covered Paradise

When some walk into Wrigley Field, they think of an ivy-covered burial ground, but the fans think of a place of hope and dedication.  Being a Cubs fan is more than just loving the game, it is loving the way of life.

“Being a Cubs fan requires much dedication,” Kierstyn Rush (11) said.

Sit in the bleachers at a Cubs game and you will see a sea of blue and white Cubs paraphernalia and screaming fans.  They chant and cry, but they never lose sight of the warm feeling they receive for being a Cubs fan.  The fan is in a world of people who have this pride to a team but do not understand why.

“I think Cubs fans have a similar understanding.  They’ve all been through ridicule, especially by Sox fans, so we really try to stick with other Cubs fans and keep the faith,” Peter Boyd (11) said.

Keeping the faith is something Cubs fans know well because “there is always next year.”

“A lot of people make fun of Cubs fans and say they are a bad team, but it’s important to stick with [the Cubs].  It can be a challenge sometimes, but one day, it will be rewarding- one day,” Boyd said.

Yes, being a fan is a way of life.  Fans unite with the common interest of supporting a losing team with pride.

“[We fans are] like a family,” Kierstyn Rush (11).


 The Ventura Era: Time for a Bounce Back?

New season, new manager and a new outlook. The 2012 Chicago White Sox baseball season has begun.

After losing Ozzie Guillen to the Miami Marlins, former White Sox third baseman Robin Ventura has taken over as the manager for the 2012 season.  At this point in the season, the Sox have a 6-6 record, where last year, the Sox had a record of 7-5.

“It’s the beginning of the season. There are still 150 games to play. They’re going to go through their good streaks, they’re going to go through their bad streaks and all teams do. It’s still too early to tell how this season will end,” Joseph Sawicki (10)

So isVenturareally a benefit for the Sox? According to ESPN,Venturaplayed baseball professionally from 1989-2004, but is that enough to lead the Sox to a comeback? So far, he’s done a good job.

“He hasn’t done a bad job. He’s still adjusting to the team, so you’ll see how his managerial skills play out somewhere around the end of June,” Sawicki said.

When coming in with a new manager, adjustment is necessary for players, too. Adjusting from Guillen’s instruction to Ventura’s, adjusting from Guillen’s strategies to Ventura’s and adjusting from Guillen’s attitude and hotheadedness to Ventura’s composure (so far) takes time. Another adjustment to make is recovering from losing pitcher Mark Buehrle- the man who pitched a no-hitter and a perfect game for the Sox.

“He’s been with them for so long. It’s hard to imagine a pitching staff without Buehrle, but I’m glad he got to spend the prime of his career with the White Sox,” Sawicki said.

After overcoming these challenges and adjustments, the Sox should be able to bounce back and make this year a victorious year. We will not be waiting another 88 years for a World Series title.

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