Dribbling through the season


Ryan Nichols (9) is guarding a Valparaiso player and trying to move the ball away to score a point. He passed to his team members, to help set up many plays for Lake Central.

Isabella Watts, Author

The freshman boys basketball team played against Valparaiso  on Nov. 21 at 6P.M.. Lake Central won 37-34.

“I think I did alright. I could improve a lot, but I think I helped my team out. Victory is all that matters,” Nathan Oakley (9) said.

The team’s season has just begun and they are still working on improving, but hope to continue winning.

“[My goal is] To go undefeated this season. I feel like we’re good enough,” Bryan Stokes (9)said.

Even though the team may not be that close yet, they plan to continue getting to know each other and working hard to have a successful season.

“We got to come hard, work at practice, get running, run the offense, do our thing at campus and see,”Stokes said.

They play again on Nov. 27 at 6 P.M. against Crown Point.