Exploring Medicine


A white coat, stethoscope and other medical tools lay across the table. A nurse practitioner came in from Cleveland Clinic to talk to Future Medical Professionals about her career.

Anni Rajput, Author

On Monday, Nov. 27, the Future Medical Professionals club invited a nurse practitioner to explain her academic and career journey.

“The speaker worked at the Cleveland Clinic within the pediatrics department. She specialized in acute care within the department,” Aislinn Wade (12) said.

Many members of the club were interested in the nursing field. The speaker discussed her daily schedule and the wages for different positions in the medical field.

“Learning about the [the speaker’s] schedule was very interesting. She starts her day very early and is always up and moving throughout the day. I learned that doing rounds on patients can actually be a lot more time consuming. I also learned about her academic path and how she balances her personal life with work,” Ishika Prakash (12) said.

Because there are so many fields in medicine, the club plans to continue to bring in more speakers to cover the different roles.

“I hope to have a hematologist come in and speak because I find bleeding disorders to be really interesting. I also hope an oncologist can come in because I find cancer [research] to be intriguing. There are so many different [kinds of cancers] and stages that affect people in different ways,” Wade said.

Throughout the years of the club, there have been additions this year. In addition to inviting speakers in the medical field, the club also intends to have different fundraisers for certain causes.

“The club has improved because we have gotten a lot more people involved from last year. We have had more speakers come in, which draws in more people. In terms of future plans, we are going to have more fundraisers to raise money for premature babies, the National Hemophilia Foundation and other diseases that the members of the club find to be interesting,” Wade said.