For the students, by the students


The tech help team poses for a picture. After this picture, the team posed for a “silly picture”, requested by Mrs. Schweitzer.

Ricardo Paz, Author

On Tuesday, Dec. 5, Mrs. Susan Schweitzer, Technology, and the student tech help team worked on making their new videos and worked with students during PTE. The tech help team was under the supervision of Mrs. Schweitzer. The tech help desk recently got a new location in the school: the library.

“I really love now we have a central hub, because it used to be on the second floor and I feel like some people would kind of discourage to have to go up to the second floor. It was a small little office room, which was Mrs. Schweitzer’s main office. It really just wasn’t centralized at all, but now that we have the library, we have enough room for multiple people to be in there at one time, and be able to work,” Emily Barnes (12) said.

The tech help team also helped students with passwords and Wi-Fi issues during the hour.

“The tech team is run by students, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. We’re not going to chew you out for not knowing your Skyward passwords. We’re always here to help with stuff like E-mail, Canvas, Wi-Fi, Skyward or anything like that. They can just come on down and get some information from the students, which might be a little more helpful than coming from a teacher or staff member,” Tyler Forajter (12) said.

Mrs. Schweitzer and the tech team want their reputation to look good, and they want to make the best out of their opportunities.

“I think this is a really good opportunity. Not only do we come down and work, but we’re also interns at the school, so we get privileges that you normally wouldn’t get as a student here. It’s definitely a really good learning opportunity to learn actual skills you would use in the real world,” Joshua Klocek (12) said.

In the near future, the team will be recruiting and looking for new members.

“I think we’re doing recruiting in January, because that’s when we start making new schedules. You would want to join in you’re interested in technology at all, like if you like fixing stuff or helping people,” Benjamin Morris (12) said.