Thirteen Wins, One Mistake


Allison Wagner and lakecentralnews

The Varsity Baseball team is ranked nationally and plays fierce, but everyone has a night where they do not play to everyone’s expectations. The boys experienced a loss against Chesterton on Monday, something they are not quite used to.

“It was a tough loss. We expected to win,” Adam Fulk (12) said.

The final score was 3-4. The team’s record is now 13-1 and now has to change its game to make up for the loss.

“You just have to play hard. We made too many mistakes. We faced a good pitcher, but we still should have to beat them,” Fulk said.

Everyone makes mistakes, and the team still has high hopes for the rest of the season to bring home wins for LC.

“We will practice harder. We always go out there and try our best, and we will hopefully keep up the wins,” Fulk said.

With only one loss, the Varsity Baseball team still has a chance to play hard and go far.