Drumming up a Dream


Adam Moskalick and lakecentralnews

Many students participate in sports, while others join clubs or other school related activities; however, Nicholas Jensen (12) strays from the path.

Jensen participates in playing drums, a talent achieved through years of practice.

“I started playing drums in kindergarten; after two months of lessons I quit. Then in eighth grade, Rock Band came out. I was immediately great at the digital drums, and it inspired me to take it to the next level,” Jensen said.

After making the decision to retire from athletics, Jensen wanted to make his dream a reality.

“As reality unfolded, I bought a drum set the beginning of freshman year. Seeing as I had no friends, I played drums seven hours a day, every day for about a year. It was the most depressing, lonely time in my life”, Jensen said.

After the purchase had been made, Jensen knew it was his destiny to become a percussionist.

“Playing drums gave me an outlet to my horrible depression, and it made me feel OK with being myself. So, if you care to better yourself, put in a lot of hard work,” Jensen said.

After the burial of his sporting dreams and after many long hours of hard work, Jensen honed his skills and achieved the desired skill he wanted: to play drums.
Jensen still plays to this day, constantly getting better daily.