The Importance of History


Theodore Mantis (11) courteously listens to the presentation being given about the different holidays around this time of year. The different holidays being discussed included Christmas, Kwanza, Diwali and Hanukkah.

Matt Mergenthaler, Author

History Club is a group of students at Lake Central that meet on Fridays in the LGI to discuss exactly what the name of the club suggests.

The students speak on a variety of different topics and sometimes play games that relate to history. The members of the club see the club as something more than just a group of students going to learn more about history.

“[This club] is about understanding how important history truly is to us and understanding that history is not just some factual thing we are required to learn. There is actually meaning in history that could help inspire us to create things in the present in order to make the world a better place,” Theodore Mantis (11) said.

The members of the History Club view their club as a source of inspiration in a world that is constantly repeating mistakes of the past rather than looking back and learning from the past to assure the same mistakes are not made again. The students that participate in this club believe that the world and people in general should learn from their past in order to better their present life and in order to prepare for the future.

¨If you come [to History Club], we will be able to discuss and break stereotypes that you once felt about a certain event. You might even form opinions and learn that some events you are taught in school actually occurred differently than how you were taught in school,” Mantis said.

The topics in this club that are discussed vary greatly in their content and substance, but all of them contribute to the bettering of one’s knowledge of the course of history. Whether it be learning about events such as wars or movements in the world or learning about the different holidays people celebrate, there is more than enough to learn in this club to help educate a person who may want to learn more about history and culture.

“We try to have a family feel in this club. Right now we are talking about what we do for the holiday season, whether we celebrate Diwali or Hanukkah or Christmas or Ramadan and all the other holidays. We like to get to know each other. History is a very key part of who we all are in this club and it is good to talk about things of the past so we can discuss for the future and solve problems and not repeat things we’ve done before,” Caitlin Mavity (12) said.

The ultimate goal of History Club is to educate students on different aspects of history and the different points of view that accompany history. Doing so assures that students can see a more accurate representation of many of the events that have happened in the world. Educating oneself on the topic of history and learning about the past ensures that the world learns from its mistakes and does not repeat those mistakes to create a better chance of their being true harmony within the world and within the lives of everyone.