No stress at this fest


Some students color while others chose a post it note during lunch periods. Students are encouraged to go to take their minds off finals.

Bianca Matchain, Author

Starting on Thursday, Dec. 14, Lake Central held their annual De-Stress Fest outside the library during lunch periods.

“Yesterday, we pet the dogs and that was fun because the dogs are cool and calming. We have been using these post it notes as fun pick-me-ups. This has helped me during finals because it is something fun we can do,” Brooke Garcia (9) said.

The festivities are intended to help take the stress away from students during what is usually a stressful time. The guidance office printed coloring book pages, offered students to make stress balls and set aside a room for meditation to aid students in relieving stress.

“It is a great way to release stress that finals causes. I colored and I felt relieved after. I am stressed out for finals because I have a lot of work to do and I need to bring my grades up,” Hamza Abughofah (10) said.  

Along with the guidance counselors, teachers are helping to make students feel better. Students are scheduled to take two final exams each day to conclude the semester. This can lead to anxiety and a few late nights. Comfort from teachers can be useful to students during school.

“I think it will help the students not be stressed out with finals because usually the week before finals, students are only worried about finals and that is definitely not a good thing. It is good to keep their minds off the stresses of this week by doing things like coloring or meditating or petting dogs like my dog Charlie. When I brought Charlie into the school, it was good for the kids to take their minds off finals,” Mr. Stephen Fry, Social Studies, said.