How to prep for formal


Students raise their hands during the Winter Formal dance. The formal dance for the 2017-2018 school year was Jan. 20. Photo by Justin Andrews

Courtney Rhomberg, Author

With Winter Formal just around the corner, there are a lot of preparations to make the weeks before. Not only do students worry about getting a ticket, but also buying formal attire and making reservations for places to eat.

“When you’re trying to get your group together it’s hard to find people that all get along. In group chats some people don’t answer. Then you can’t plan anything which makes it even more stressful,” Olivia Rogers (12) said.

Finding the right dress is a process that some students have to plan for a few months ahead.

“I buy my dress, I’d say, about a month before [Formal]. I buy shoes and jewelry to match. I look up [online] what I want my hair, makeup and nails to look like,” Rogers said.

On the other hand, students that wear tuxedos and suits have their own worries.

“I wake up usually around whatever time I end up waking up, but I basically just go through the regular morning routine of showering and brushing my teeth. Then I put on my tuxedo, and I’m ready. It’s really easy compared to what girls have to do,” Sebastian Luna (11) said.

Some students plan to get together after the dance and spend time with their friends.

“I’m most excited for getting ready. I’m really excited to spend time with my friends after the dance,” Olivia Smith (12) said.