Senior Year: A Night to Remember

With Prom just around the corner, girls are squeezing into their dresses last minute, and guys are ordering their corsages and boutonnieres.

“I’m most looking forward to dressing up. I’m going all out,” Haley Bartolomei (12) said.

Seniors could not be more excited for one of their final hurrahs of their last year in high school.

“I’m excited for Prom because I get to hang out with all of my friends. I mean, it’s my senior Prom. I’m taking a party bus with 25 other people. We’re going  to Buca de Beppo’s afterward,” Kristen Alexa (12) said.

Chicago is always a popular spot for after-Prom activities.

“We’re going to Chicago in the Italian Village. It’ll be twice as fun because it’s actually my birthday on Saturday,” Ashley Chung (12) said.

Some students have waited four years to go to Prom, usually because of the large expense of going to a dance.

“This is my first year going to Prom. I wanted to save, and I figured senior year was the year to go,” Chung said.