Prom is More Than Just a Dance


. Many couples enjoy a slow dance at Prom. The couples danced up by the stage close to the stage where the music was the loudest.

Prom may be known to the world as possibly the most important dance a high school student will go to in his or her lifetime. The dance is defined by seniors as the last formal occasion of seeing all of the students that participated in each others’ lives throughout high school.

Prom night isn’t just about the actual dance itself, but about the activities that partake after the dance.

“We took a party bus full with 22 kids to Chicago to eat at Bucca Di Beppo. I had pasta and it was phenomenal,” Justin Farrer (11) said. “Then, we went to Casimir Radziejeski’s (12) house with everyone.”

Not everyone goes to fancy restaurants in the city to eat, though.

“We had 26 people in our group and we all drove separately. We went back to my friend, Lexi Rainbolt’s (11) house for pizza. After eating, we went to Josh Crague’s house for the night,” Alex Targos (11) said.

For some, Prom extends beyond the night and into the following day.

“We went to bed probably some time around 6:30 a.m. The next day, we woke up around eight in the morning to go to Six Flags Great America Theme Park. We were all really tired and it rained, but it was still fun,” Farrer said.

Prom will always be known as an important milestone to growing up and graduating high school.