Tun(e)ing into LC’s musical side


Tim Bakas (12) practices singing by the piano. He was in choir for nine years.

Ayah Eid, Author

Lake Central offers a variety of classes and extracurriculars that best meet students’ needs and interests. Students who have a passion for singing are able to pick from the nine choirs available.

“[There is] Junior Treble, Varsity, Senior Treble, Concert Choir, Bell choirs and three extra curricular ‘show choirs’,” Erin Plenus (12) said.

All nine choirs have concerts in the fall, winter and spring. Students also perform pieces from a variety of music genres.

“We sing a variety of songs. There are a lot of classical pieces. We have sung songs in French, Spanish and Swahili. For the end of the year concert, seniors pick the theme of the concert and then every choir chooses songs within that specific theme,” Plenus said.

Higher level choirs and extracurricular choirs require students to audition and dedicate time after school to practice singing material.

“[For auditions] you learn one of the past performance they did and perform it. They look for facial expressions, if you can dance and if you can hold your part,” Jessica Flores (12) said.

Working through new material has allowed students to practice and learn skills that they can use in other aspects of life.

“This class has taught me patience and helps me prepare for the future and if I want to sing any other pieces in college or after,” Tim Bakas (12) said.

Being in choir allows students to meet others with similar interests and to share their passion for singing and love for music.

“I love hanging out with everyone in choir and I am absolutely amazed with how we sound when we sing our harmonies. I would tell a student they should absolutely join choir, it is so much fun. If they love music and love to sing there is no reason not to join,” Plenus said.