The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Some things in life you should never take advantage of, and one thing is your mother. Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to mothers all across the nation to thank them for all they have done for their children.

Some LC students show their appreciation in different ways. They create memorable moments and gifts that show their moms how thankful they are for everything they have done.

“Last year for mother’s day, my siblings and I made a candle-lit trail that led to the dining room. We had flowers and a card waiting for her on the table. We basically hid and yelled, ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ after she came home,” Ashley Chung (12) said.

Even small, thoughtful gifts such as fruit baskets can show a grateful amount of gratitude for a mom.

“Last year me and my [sister] got the fruit basket bouquet sent to our house and my mom opened the door and was really surprised,” Karan Sharma (12) said.

Everyone has their own opinion on what they believe Mother’s Day is about, but some consider it to be worth the time to give a little appreciation for their mothers and all their hard work.

“I think that Mother’s Day is a day to really appreciate our mothers and everything they have done for us. We wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for our moms,” Megan Sipiora (12) said.