Becoming W.I.S.E.


Members of W.I.S.E. sit and listen to guest speaker, Elizabeth. W.I.S.E. meets in Mr. Kendal Smith’s, Science, room.

Hannah Hill, Author

On Monday, Feb. 12, Woman in Science and Engineering welcomed guest speaker Elizabeth, a food scientist.

Elizabeth explained what her job entails, the different places she’s worked and shared tips about how to get into the industry.

“I learned all about food science. It’s a pretty cool field. It’s really interesting, and it’s a lot more in depth than I thought it really was,” Brianna Clarke (11) said.

Some notable moments from the meeting included Elizabeth performing a demonstration on how different certain powdered food colorings look before they’re mixed into a substance, and her passing out Kebler cookies at the end of the meeting after talking about her time working there.

“[My favorite part of the meeting was] the cookies. It was really cool how she explained the process and how she made it. [Food science] is a really cool field, and it’s so fascinating,” Clarke said.