The Tribal Rivalry

Hannah Cantu and lakecentralnews

The Freshman Baseball team defeated Portage two days ago 1-0.
“Portage is just another opponent, and we don’t underestimate them, so they are just as difficult as any other team,” Ian Martin (9) said.
Before games, the team either does some batting practice or they do infields and outfields.
“Our strong point is everything because our pitching is outstanding, our hitting is really good and our fielding is amazing,” Martin said.
Martin enjoys participating on the team because the team has fun and he believes that the coach is the best that anyone could ask for. Also, before games the team supports each other, and if someone goes wrong, the team still shows support.
“We always support each other no matter what happens because even if one of us mess up, someone always picks us up. Even if someone gets an out, we say, ‘It’s alright, you’ll get it next time,’ ” Martin said.