Mic droppers


Rachel Davids (10) stands at the front of the room performing a song. She has been attending Open Mic since last year.

Angelika Trybunia

Open Mic is a club that meets every Thursday. From singing to citing poems, students come to perform whatever their heart desires.

“I perform every time. I mostly sing, but a few weeks ago I did a poem that I wrote,” said Princess-Halal Hill (9).

Open Mic welcomes everyone to a judgement-free club. Students who attend say that this club has helped with their stage fright.

“It honestly has helped me be more open with myself because I usually get embarrassed of the smallest things, but I now have no problem singing out loud in public,” Nicole Eldridge (10) said.

Students do now have to perform, they are always welcomed to come sit and watch, so if your looking for a club to sing a favorite song or tell a favorite story, come to the classroom by the library every Thursday after school to attend Open Mic.

“What makes me want to come back is usually the people. It’s such a nice place to be at the end of your day, if you’re sad or just looking to get away,” said Nicole Eldridge (10).