Science Olympiad prepares for State


Jordan Sprague (11) and Madison Mullens (11) work on using electricity to create a reaction. They worked on creating a light reaction using electricity.

Morrissa Chinn, Author

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, Science Olympiad met to work on building for their State competition.

A few members from the club meet almost every day after school to prepare for State. Some days, they stay as late as 9 P.M. to build and prepare.

“[I am most proud of my students for] how hard they work. It’s just amazing with all the time and dedication they put in besides all their classes,” Mrs. Mary Joan Martin, Science, said.

This year, the members are excited for the events they will be participating in at State.

“We were setting up a track for our competition. We make hovercrafts, and we time how long it takes to get from one end to the other on the track. Your score is also based on how many penny rolls you add to it, so we’re trying to reach the target time by adjusting the speed of the hovercraft while also putting a lot of weight on it,” Mitchell Witt (11) said.

Another event they had been working on deals with electricity. The main goal this year is to make Nationals.

“One of our events that we compete in is called ‘Mission Possible’ and it’s a Rube Goldberg machine, but it’s way more complicated because there’s a lot of electricity involved, so at that time we were working on adding a step where something causes a light to turn on, which would cause something else to happen,” Jordan Sprague (11) said.

Along with the dedication, close bonds have also been also built between the club members.

“We’re really close. I can like call out people across the hallway and I wouldn’t feel awkward about it,” Witt said.