New opportunities


Students sign thank-you cards for the parents that chaperoned for Winter Formal. Every year, N-Teens gets the chance to help organize and set up Winter Formal.

Frida Arellano, Online Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, March 12, N-Teens held a meeting in Room C114. Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, and Mrs. Gabrielle Rapin, Science, discussed upcoming events such as running for an officer next year and volunteer opportunities.

“Mrs. Becich and I have a goal to make N-Teens more of a student driven club. Our goal is for the members to take ownership, not just for what N-Teens does for Winter Formal, but for the legacy that the students get to leave behind after being in this group for four years,” Mrs. Rapin said.

Different volunteer opportunities that were talked about was a program that tutors kids with Down Syndrome, and an N-Teens member was looking for a way to fund his charity that he started last year that sends shoes to kids in need.

“That charity that I started is called ‘Africleats,’ and an engineering firm was able to help me out by creating a power plant over Nigeria. Last year I was able to send around 30 pairs of cleats over to a milhouse that sent them to Nigeria,” Maxwell Hill (12) said.

N-Teens is a good way to look for volunteer services and the club is always willing to help others. Their next meeting will be after school on April 9 in the L.G.I.