Color run fun


Justine Misch (11) listens during the meeting. Student Council meets once a week.

Nicole Reitz

On March 20, Student Council met in room C116 to discuss the upcoming color run held in the spring.

“The color run is April 28. The registration is at 9 A.M., and the sign up is at 10 A.M.,” Grace Benetowski (10) said.

To raise money for the color run, members of Student Council are in charge of selling ads to local businesses

“We are trying to raise money by going to local businesses and asking other clubs to get anything that can make the run more fun,” Benetowski said.

I’m addition to the Color run, Student Council members are wrapping up Caps for Chemo, a charity started to help cancer patients

Caps for Chemo is ending early because we gave our caps to [Indiana University Northwest], and they told us they do not have enough time to sort through all of them before their school year ends,” Bianca Matchain (11) said.

The next Student Council meeting is scheduled to meet on Thursday, March 22.