Serving the community


Victoria Palomo (11) converses with a friend while writing her a “thank you” card. Some members stayed after the meeting was over to write the cards.

Charmagne Abangan

On Monday, April 9, N-Teens members gathered in the room of Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English. This year, club meeting dates changed from meeting twice every month to only meeting once every month.

“I think that’s drawing people to come the one time that we meet a month, which I think is really positive,” Mrs. Becich said.

At the meeting, students were informed about volunteer opportunities at the Down Syndrome Association of NWI. For those who are still in need of hours, Mrs. Brittney Gore, English, is looking for more students to help out during the Color Run on April 28.

“Right now I have 28 hours, and I’m planning on volunteering at the food pantry this Saturday. It’s every week and I get three hours from helping out,” Sarimarie Pama (9) said.

With the school year coming to a close end, members must turn in their community service hours by May 1. Students are rewarded for completing their 30 hours of service by receiving a free ticket to Six Flags.

“I have more than 30 service hours, and I want to go on the trip with my friends. I’m planning on staying [in] N-Teens next year because it’s a fun club where I can help others [and] the community,” Jed Burgos (11) said.

Mrs. Becich informed the group about officer positions for next year. The sponsors of the club are expecting two students to be in charge of holding the meetings instead of themselves.

“My hope is that we can have our president and vice president run the meetings, so [it will] be a lot of me communicating with them in terms of if I hear any volunteer opportunities, but I want them to be the ones that are really talking about what needs to happen and go on for the club to run,” Mrs. Becich said.

The next meeting will be on May 14.