Performing Classics


On May 21st, the Lake Central Choir Department put on its last show of the year. The concert theme was “Legends.”
“I liked all of the music that we did. It was all music that everyone knows, and it wasn’t just for the younger crowd. The songs we sang were classics,” Jacob Quintanilla (11) said.
The Choir Director, Ms. Sandy Hobbs, has been absent from her groups for the last few months. Even so, the show had to go on.
“I feel without Hobbs that it still went very well. When the second concert came, we did even better,” Kathryn Peterson (12) said.
For the seniors, it was the last choir concert they would ever be a part of for high school.
“At this point, it’s bittersweet, yet I’m sure I’ll miss it,” Peterson said.
While performing, the school experienced a power outage, yet that didn’t stop the choirs from performing.
“When it happened, I was in the dressing room texting. I held Max Mills (12) as we cried from being frightened of the dark,” Quintanilla said.